Family Values. True Accountability. Clear Direction.

The new 5th district is in 4 counties: Franklin, Anderson, Miami, and Linn, and includes the communities of Wellsville, Osawatomie, Rantoul, Lane, Beagle, Harris, Westphalia, Welda, Garnett, Parker, Centerville, Colony, and Greeley.

I decided to run for the Kansas House of Representatives 5th District Seat for two reasons. First, I believe that the greatest thing I can do here on this earth is to serve others. Having been a pastor, I am inspired by the words of Jesus, “Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave – just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” It would be my pleasure to serve the people of our great state in this capacity. Secondly, I care deeply about my home State and about its future. I have a vision to see Kansas become a model for our nation. I see the day that Kansans take heartfelt pride in the place we call home and don’t back down from those that say otherwise. I see the day when not only do other States flock to find out what we are doing right, but also people come to visit just because of our reputation and because it is the “place to be.” Having served in the military, I have lived in many different places and traveled all over. I have never met better people than those in Kansas. Kansas has the greatest people in our nation, and our State should be a reflection of that, not taking advantage of that. I look forward to helping others see and share the greatness in Kansas.

I deserve your vote for 3 reasons:

  • One, when considering this opportunity, I found that a majority of the people in the 5th District share my values and principles, yet are represented by someone who does not. This is wrong.
  • Second, I know this place; it is my home. I was raised and graduated from high-school & college while living in Wellsville. Keeping my residency in Kansas while in the military & abroad, I gained experience and knowledge that have made me competent and confident for the tasks Kansas is currently facing.
  • Third, I bring a fresh face and a fresh vision to Topeka. I am not a “politician” and I don’t speak “topekanese.” I am durable, energetic, passionate, and realistic with proven leadership; I plan to use that to help make Kansas a model for our nation.
There are three things we must do to help make Kansas a model for our nation.

First, we must have significant job creation & sustainment.
Second, we must deliver premier lifelong education within our budget.
Third, we must preserve and protect the rights, liberties, and freedoms given to us by our creator.

When asked what I am going to do to create jobs, I have to be honest. The most that anyone in government can do to create jobs in the private sector is: 1) commit to get out of the way of those that have created & sustained jobs in the past, 2) attract and give incentives to those that can create and offer jobs now, and 3) personally commit to growing a company to a level that employees can be hired and sustained.

When a legislator says that they are creating jobs by manipulating policy, this is only part of the answer. There is a disconnect between the policy change and getting that vision into the hearts of the people that actually create the change. Until those that can create jobs realize that now is the time to start the American dream here in Kansas, then job creation remains in “neutral” and legislators just keep saying “we need job creation.”

Education is near and dear to my heart. I currently sit on the USD#289 Board of Education, and I am proud to say I helped develop our vision statement:

Empowering a community of life-long learners. We are proactive in this approach, and currently I am helping teachers to negotiate for an end to the frozen wages and getting more dollars to the classroom. Since beginning on the BOE, I have realized the mistrust between the State and the local BOE. This causes a school to believe that the State does not have its best interests at heart and the State to believe that the schools are not thinking of the bigger picture. We must have a State government that values excellent education and trusts local BOE’s to govern and appropriate correctly, and we must have local BOE’s that value the State and take the steps necessary to support its direction and future. This should not be a fight or both lose. Having received my K-12 education from Wellsville schools, it provided a quality platform for a life-time of continued learning, success, and experience in my own life and the lives of many others. A premium education clears the path for achievement and success resulting in a thriving Kansas.

The rights that we have been endued with by our Creator are under attack today. Some believe that government should have the power to permit or endue these rights, but this should never happen. The moment that government has the power to give or take away the right to protect oneself and family, the right to do as we ought, or the right to pursue happiness, that is the moment that we lose our chance to ever succeed as a civilization. We should not be a nanny state and rightly so. Today, there are some that have consistently voted against the right to bear arms; have voted to raise taxes in the days of low economic state; and who side against accountability and transparency with the hopes of a domineering central government that takes all and controls all. This is our constitution! Government should be as small and close to the people it serves as possible. I support Arizona type legislation when it comes to illegal immigration. It is the responsibility of the Federal government to protect our boarders, and when it is insufficient individual states should have the sovereignty to decide for themselves how best to deal with illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is just that, illegal. There is a right way and a wrong way, and justice requires consequences when something is done the wrong way. We welcome those that come the right way.

I believe life begins at conception and that the unborn have the same inalienable rights that you or I have. For 4 years I was a pastor in a church that was less than 4 blocks from an infamous abortion clinic in Wichita, KS. I prayed at the clinic, counseled girls contemplating abortions, walked in pro-life parades, and met with pro-life leadership. It would be an honor to stand proud and support/sponsor pro-life legislation for our great state. I support the traditional definition that marriage is between one man and one woman. I will not support any legislation that moves to confuse, dismiss, or change that definition.

I believe in and support your right to bear arms. As a young boy I went with my dad and took a hunter’s safety course. I hunted with my dad and did target shooting too, but it wasn’t until I served in our country’s military in such places as Iraq, that I fully understood how important it is to preserve this liberty. As I soldier, I personally carried my “security” everywhere I went, and for good reason. Our constitutional right to bear arms is important to our fundamental need for safety and protection. Without this liberty, power is completely out of the hands of the people to protect themselves and their families. What a dangerous thought.

More government is not the answer. Throughout history, the more government gets its fingers into any business the more costs go up, confusion sets in, overregulation takes over, and moral goes down. Government programs do not create prosperity of success. We need a smarter - more efficient - government that understands at a heart level that they are servant to the citizens of this great state and should play the role of protecting the fundamental rights given to each of us by our Creator.

I support tax relief and lower taxes. This means more of your hard-earned money should stay in your hands so that you can spend it the way you want rather than some government heads deciding where it should go.